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08 April 2016
Direct Tension Indicators Washer – dimensions Dimensions of compressible washer-type direct tension indicator according to BS EN 14399-9:2018, Table 2. Size bolt diameter Internal diameter d1 External diameter d2 Thickness h1 Height over protrusion h2 Height of protrusions h3 Protrusion tangential diameter d3 Protrusion internal diameter d4 min max min max min max min max min M12 12,75 12,85 26,0 32,5 2,5 5,5 0,8 20,0 13,85 M16 16,75 16,85 35,0 36,8 3,0 6,0 0,8 25,0 17,85 M20 20,95 21,05 41,0 46,0 3,5 6,5 0,8 29,0 22,05 M22 23,05 23,15 46,5 50,6 4,0 7,0 0,8 33,0 24,15 M24 25,15 25,25 50,0 55,2 4,0 7,0 0,8 38,0 26,25 M27 28,30 28,40 54,0 62,1 4,0 7,0 0,8 43,0 29,40 M30 31,45 31,55 59,0 69,0 4,0 7,0 0,8 46,5 32,55 M36 37,75 37,85 78,0 83,0 4,0 7,5 0,8 56,0 38,85 Dimensions in millimetres DownloadPDF
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30 November 2015
We are offering wide range of Nuts (ISO, DIN and other standards) to various grades and finishes – washers from plain to special type of washers and springs. Our offer includes Product description Specification Hexagon Full Nut, Structural nut, High Nuts, UNC Nuts ISO 4032 DIN 934 DIN 6915 DIN 555 BS 3692 BS EN 14399-3 Hexagon Jam Nut, Lock nut, Half Nut, Thin Nut , Left hand thread nuts DIN 936 DIN 439
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25 August 2015
We can offer: Product description Specification U Bolts to drawing Shearstud , Weld studs ISO 13918 DIN 17100, to drawing Wing Bolts, Eye Bolts (Dynamo Eye Bolt), Ring Bolt, Eyelet bolt DIN 580 to drawing Spring dowel to drawings Pin Assemblies to drawing Wire rope grips, bulldog grips BS 462 to drawing Grub Screw DIN 916 Coach Screw, Wood screw DIN 571 DIN 7997 to drawing Throughbolt see our Fixings section Half-round bolts, round bolts, coach bolts, scroll bolts, couplers, countersunk spider bolts, Expamet bolts, Barrel bolts to drawing Hook bolts, Turnbuckle, Beam clamps to drawing Resin Injected Bolts, Rawlok Bolt see our Fixings section Jordahl Tee Bolt see Jordahl website Cotter Split Pin DIN 94
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18 March 2015
BS EN 14399 Part 5: Plain Washer Mechanical Properties Requirement Vickers hardness 300 HV to 370 HV BS EN 14399-5: High-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading. Plain washers BS EN 14399 Part 6: Plain Chamfered Washer Mechanical Properties Requirement Vickers hardness 300 HV to 370 HV BS EN 14399-6: High-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading. Plain chamfered washers BS EN 14399 Part 9: Nut Face Washer / Bolt Face Washer Mechanical Properties Requirement heat treatment hardened and tempered Rockwell hardness 38 HRC to 45 HRC Vickers hardness 372 HV30 to 448 HV30 BS EN 14399-9: High strength structural bolting for preloading.
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01 February 2015
Andrews Fasteners company in manufacturing Direct Tension Indicators Washers (DTI Washers) in well know in construction industry company based in United States – TurnaSure . All our washers are marked with our headmark FAST (previously AND.). Benefits of using Direct Tensions Indicators Washers: The use of DTIs is the simplest way of ensuring that bolting assemblies are tensioned properly; The use of DTIs saves cost on inspection; No torque figures are required, only feeler gauges; Risk reduction on over tightening; DTIs are manufactured in compliance with EN 14399-9 and can be supplied with CE approved preload bolting assemblies; Unique curved protrusion design of Turnasure DTIs reduce necessary of using nut face / bolt face washers for 8.
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25 August 2014
Structural bolting assemblies (SB) We are a manufacturer of UKCA & CE Marked non-preloaded hexagon bolt assemblies from M12 to M36, grade 8.8 and 10.9. Andrews Fasteners Limited can manufacture and assembly test to EN 15048-2 requirements , in various grades and coatings . Description Specification Size range Hexagon Set Screw (fully threaded bolt) EN ISO 4017 EN ISO 4018 M12–M36 Hexagon Bolt (part threaded) EN ISO 4014 EN ISO 4016 M12–M36 Hexagon Nut (Regular Nuts, fullnut) EN ISO 4032 EN ISO 4033 M12–M36 Washers (Plain, Flat) min.
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25 August 2014
Construction fasteners products manufactured, supplied and distributed by Andrews Fasteners. As a fasteners specialist Andrews Fasteners can offer various fasteners and fixings starting from most popular up to more complicated and custom made requirements as per drawings. Our products range: BS EN 15048 Non-preloaded structural bolting assemblies (CE & UKCA Marked) Structural bolting (SB) assemblies, hexagon set screws (fully threaded), bolts (part-threaded), hexagon nuts, plain washers available in Self-Colour, Zinc Plated, Galvanised, Sherardized and other finishes.
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21 August 2014
Railway Track Fasteners Railway fasteners are a product group that Andrews Fasteners have specialized in for many years. To ensure that all fasteners are produced to our high standards, only Approved and ISO Certified manufacturers are used. All goods are produced to strict Andrews Fasteners Quality Control and Inspection Plans, with specially designed inspection equipment. Andrews Fasteners Inspectors are located permanently at the manufacturing factories to ensure the quality. Products can be supplied direct world wide from our partnering factory (after a full Quality Inspection has been conducted by an Andrews Fasteners Inspector) or supplied through Andrews Fasteners Limited located in United Kingdom.
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19 August 2014
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