Content with Washer

12 January 2022
We understand the difficulties by the end-users and purchasing departments in choosing the right components for different installation methods of High-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading (HR) . Different installation methods and product grades may require additional components like DTI washers , hardened washers, bolt face or nut face washers. Sometimes, the number and type of component change, depending on which part is rotated (the nut or the bolt head).
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12 April 2016
Load curve graph for DTI for test compression loads at 0.40mm gap For use with bolts Compression load (kN) diameter Designation H8 Designation H10 M12 47-56 59-71 M16 88-106 110-132 M20 137-164 172-206 M22 170-204 212-254 M24 198-238 247-296 M27 257-308 321-385 M30 314-377 393-472 M36 458-550 572-688 Compressible washer-type direct tension indicator according to BS EN 14399-9:2018, Table 4. DownloadPDF
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