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09 December 2022
UK goverment has updated its guidance regarding the use of UKCA marking and especially UKCA marking for Construction Products . Following the update, the official end of recognition of CE marking for Construction Products has been postponed until 30th June 2025. “Until 30 June 2025, products can continue to be supplied to the GB market without any need for reassessment or re-marking if EU requirements are met (including CE marking). To affix a CE mark, any third-party conformity assessment must continue to be carried out by an EU recognised notified body during this time.
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19 January 2021
Please refer to our freshly updated certificates section where you can download our UKCA certificate for EN 15048 and EN 14399 along with CE, ISO 9001 and NHSS3 certificates.
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16 December 2020
As the transition period with the EU coming to the end on 31st December 2020, there are changes in CE marking from 1st January 2021. From 1st January 2021 construction products placed on the UK market (except for Northern Ireland which will require CE marked products) will require new UKCA marking. Until the end of December 2021, you can continue to use CE marking (with or without UKCA). Companies like ours, who are approved through UK Body (Lloyd’s Register) will be able to offer products with UKCA mark.
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08 September 2020
Following recent guidance released by UK government about UKCA marking and marking for construction products from from 1st January 2021 Andrews Fasteners Limited has already made steps and preparation to allow our company to offer goods UKCA marked on the GB market from the beginning of 2021. At the same time, we are taking steps to allow us to continue offering CE marked goods for the rest of the EU countries and others, where CE is the requirement.
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18 December 2015
Currently, Holding Down Bolts doesn’t fall into Construction Product Regulation (CPR) standards and they cannot be CE (UKCA) Marked. Holding Down Bolts are manufactured per BS 7419 ](/standards/bs-7419-holding-bolts-basic-dimensions) (British Standard). This standard is not a harmonised standard like EN/ISO, which will allow them to be CE (UKCA) marked . More about this can be read in BCSA memorandum No 17-14**](/downloads/news/2014/Holding-Down-Bolts-and-CE-marking.pdf). In the new edition of EN 15048:2016 (after the standard will become harmonised), holding down bolts can be considered for CE (UKCA) marking after initial testing and suitability test following 5.
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18 December 2015
DOP in its the full name means Declaration of Performance. It is a document that the manufacturer of the product should supply forevery CE (UKCA) approved product in line with the requirements of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) or equivalent in the United Kingdom. The DOP contains information about the manufacturer, the construction product/s to be CE (UKCA) Marked ; the product intended use/s and the declared essential performance characteristics of the product.
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18 December 2015
According to Construction Products Regulation (CPR) for CE Marking , and equivalent for UKCA Marking , labels with CE (UKCA) logo can be supplied on bags/boxes or with Quality Documents (like Test Certificates or Declaration of Performance ). According to the British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA) recommendation on their published and widely used by many customers Model Specification for the Purchase of Structural Bolting Assemblies and Holding Down Bolts CE/UKCA Label shall be supplied on bags/boxes, however, this is not a law requirement.
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18 December 2015
Only products covered by harmonised standards (or equivalent for the United Kingdom) can be CE (UKCA) marked. In EN 15408:2007 version, only products under EN/ISO standard can be subject to CE (UKCA) Marking . DIN standard is a German national standard and unless it is an international/European standard (EN/ISO) and approved by the European Union (or separately by the United Kingdom under UKCA marking) as a part of harmonised standards, it cannot be used for CE (UKCA) marking purposes.
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18 December 2015
Only products covered by harmonised standards (or equivalent for the United Kingdom) can be CE (UKCA) marked . In the construction fasteners industry, products that are covered by the harmonised standard and can be subject to CE (UKCA) marking are to EN 14399-1 (Pre-loaded assemblies) standard and EN 15048-1 (Non-preloaded assemblies) . European Union is publishing in the Official Journal list of standards that are laying down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products.
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21 August 2014
CE Mark CE Marking is a mark affixed by the manufacturer who declares that its product meets the essential requirements for relevant European Regulations. For fasteners, it is the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), that becomes mandatory law in all EU member states including the UK and RoI from the 1st of July 2013. This document is the base for the CE marking of fasteners. This European regulation replaced the Construction Products Directive (CPD) and affects all construction products covered by a harmonised standard or ETA (European Technical Assessment) .
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