Content with UIC

28 December 2020
For goods CE & UKCA marked from 1st January 2021 BS EN 15048 (CE 2814) Last update 01/01/2021 EN 15048 UIC/DOP No.: Zinc BZP Zinc BZP Galv. HDG Sherar. SHER Grade (Bolt/Nut) 8.8/8 8.8/10 8.8/10 8.8/10 M12 M12SB8.8/8BZP M12SB8.8/10BZP M12SB8.8/10HDG M12SB8.8/10SHER M16 M16SB8.8/8BZP M16SB8.8/10BZP M16SB8.8/10HDG M16SB8.8/10SHER M20 M20SB8.8/8BZP M20SB8.8/10BZP M20SB8.8/10HDG M20SB8.8/10SHER M22 M22SB8.8/8BZP M22SB8.8/10BZP M22SB8.8/10HDG M22SB8.8/10SHER M24 M24SB8.8/8BZP M24SB8.8/10BZP M24SB8.8/10HDG M24SB8.8/10SHER M27 M27SB8.8/8BZP M27SB8.8/10BZP M27SB8.8/10HDG M27SB8.8/10SHER M30 M30SB8.8/8BZP M30SB8.8/10BZP M30SB8.8/10HDG M30SB8.
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