Content with Test Certificate

21 July 2022
It is Andrews Fasteners’ standard practice to supply customers a Declaration of Conformity and Test Certificates for purchased products (in general this is only on products grade 8.8 and above). These documents may not be supplied for every customer we serve, as we know, that some of them may not need them, or need them at a later time. We operate an automatic Test Certificates list where, for a customer who requests it with us, test certificates are sent automatically by our staff in the Quality Department every morning or through the working day once goods have been invoiced.
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18 December 2015
The test certificates need to be per BS EN 10204 and include results for required characteristics as a minimum. According to the standard, products need to fully comply with the requirement regarding elongation, impact and reduction of area, but results do not need to be included on the test certificate. BS EN 10204 doesn’t state what figures need to be supplied on the test certificate and leave this open for agreement between purchaser and supplier (typically before purchase).
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