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21 August 2015
Please find below documents as a part of our Technical Support section. If case of any further questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section or contact with Andrews Fasteners Quality Department . BS EN 15048 Non-preloaded structural bolting assemblies (SB) Torque values prepared by W. Christie Guidance On The Tightening of Non-preloaded Fasteners Guide to Design Criteria for Bolted and Riveted Joints, Second Edition BS EN 14399 High-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading (HR) The different appearance of lubricated nuts on EN 14399 assemblies BS EN 14399 High-Strength Structural Bolting Assemblies for Preload Configurator (HR) Torque values for High-Strength Structural Bolting Assemblies for Preloading with specified k-Class Bolt Length Calculator for HR Bolts and HR Countersunk Bolts (EN 14399-3/7) Thread Length Calculator for Countersunk High-Strength Structural Bolts to BS EN 14399-7 (HR CSK) Thread Length Calculator for Hexagon High-Strength Structural Bolts to BS EN 14399-3 (HR) Comparison of Tightening Methods of HSFG Bolts Detailed comparison of BS 4395 and BS EN 14399-3 & 6 Summary comparison of BS 4395 and BS EN 14399-3 & 6 Grip, Bolt Lengths and Hole Dimensions Guidance notes on the use of Preload Bolt Assemblies BS EN 14399 (HSFG) comparison as an alternative to ASTM HSFG See also: Preloaded assemblies k-Class K1 and K2 manufactured in the UK (from News ) BS EN 14399-9 Direct Tension Indicators Washers Instruction Manual for installing Preloaded (HSFG) bolting with TurnaSure Direct Tension Indicators Washers EN 14399-9 New Generation Direct Tension Indicators Squirter Type DTI performance results Preload Measurement and Comparison of Structural Bolts sets installed in Steel Connections with and without DTI Tests for stress relaxation over time 1963 to 1971 with CLI Fatigue tests on CLI CLI Washers-load gap relationship on unloading and loading DTI Case History - DTIs Save More than $150,000 Study discussing influence of load-indicating washers on bolt relaxation in joints subject to high prying forces Study on full flattening of Direct Tension Indicators in Shear Connections Study on curved protrusion DTIs design assembled without needing nut face or bolt face washers Impact of Variable Lubricity on Type 325 Structural DTIs Test Report for Accelerated Aging of Weathering Steel Joint using TurnaSure Weathering Steel Transverse Vibration Loosening Characteristics of High Strength Fastened Joints using DTIs Coating Trivalent passivation systems (Fasteners+Fixings Magaizne) The HDG (Hot Dip Galvanising) Coating (Source: galvanizeit.
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24 January 2015
BS EN 14399 High-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading What is the difference between Clamp length and Grip length in EN 14399 assemblies? What is the difference between preloaded and non-preloaded bolting assemblies? Do I need Bolt Face Washer or Nut Face Washer (EN 14399-9) with DTI's? Can high-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading (HSFG) be used on painted or galvanised surfaces? What is the minimum thread length on high-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading?
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24 January 2015
Sales Andrews Fasteners Terms and Conditions Of Sale INCOTERMS 2015 – Rules (IFE Global Logistics) Purchase Andrews Fasteners Terms & Conditions Of Purchase Accounts Credit Account Application Currency Converter that we using (via Wise) Quality Certificates and Approvals Declarations of Performance Technical Support Extracts from Standards Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Health and Safety Company Health and Safety documents: Andrews Fasteners Health & Safety Policy Statement Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) documents: Epoxy Acrylate Polyester Vinylester R-CAS R-HAC R-KEA R-KEM R-KEX R-KF2 R-KSF Environmental Andrews Fasteners Sustainability Policy Andrews Fasteners Environmental Policy Statement Andrews Fasteners Limited – REACH Compliance The Recycled Content Of Steel Products (BCSA Memorandum 233-10) Sustainable Steel Construction (BCSA / Corus) Sustainable Steel Construction (Flyer) (BCSA / Corus) The Case for Steel (BCSA / Corus) Recycled content of steel (BCSA) Brochures & Others Andrews Fasteners Brochure Andrews Fasteners In-house Inspection & Testing Equipment Guide Andrews Fasteners Railway Track Fasteners Leaflet Andrews Fasteners: Colour Coded System Overview of the steelmaking process chart Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy inc.
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11 January 2015
Extracts from standards and technical documentation: BS 4320 / DIN 125-1 Basic dimensions Form A washers for selected sizes BS 4320 Basic dimensions Form G washers for selected sizes BS 4464 Square Spring Washers - Basic dimensions BS 7419 Holding down bolts - Basic dimensions BS EN 14399 Mechanical properties for Washers BS EN 14399-3 Basic bolt dimensions (HR Bolts) BS EN 14399-3 Basic nuts dimensions (HR Nuts) BS EN 14399-3 System HR - Proof Load values for Nuts BS EN 14399-5 Plain washers - Basic dimensions BS EN 14399-6 Plain chamfer washers - Basic dimensions BS EN 14399-7 Basic countersunk bolt dimensions (HR CSK Bolts) BS EN 14399-9 Basic dimensions for Nut Face Washers & Bolt Face Washers BS EN 14399-9 Compression loads for DTI washers BS EN 14399-9 Dimensions of Direct Tension Indicators washers DIN 267 Mechanical properties for Nuts DIN 439/936 Lock Nut (Hexagon Thin Nut) - basic dimensions DIN 6334 Hexagon Stud Connector, Coupling Nut - General specification (coarse thread) DIN 7991 Hexagon socket countersunk head cap screws - basic dimensions DIN 933 Hexagon Setscrew (Screw) - Basic dimensions DIN 934 Hexagon nuts - Basic dimensions DIN 976-1 Basic Dimensions for fully threaded studding, threaded bar, stud bolt DIN 985 Nylon Insert Lock Nut - Basic dimensions ISO 4017 Hexagon head screws - Basic dimensions ISO 4032 Hexagon regular nuts - Basic dimensions ISO 7091 Plain washers - Basic dimensions ISO 888 Thread lengths for ISO metric fasteners (bolts) ISO 898-1 Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel - Bolts, screws and studs ISO 898-2 Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel - Nuts Lindapter FloorFast - basic dimensions Lindapter Hollo-Bolts - basic dimensions Lindapter Lindibolt 2 - basic dimensions Mechanical properties for Austenitic Stainless Steel Nord-lock washers - Dimensions for popular sizes of steel washers Suitability test requirements (BS EN 15048) - CE & UKCA Marking Technical specification for T-head bolts (ANSI/AWWA C111/A21.
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