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18 December 2015
J2 and JR refer to the material’s sub-grade - its fracture toughness - which is measured in joules [J] of a material’s toughness at a particular temperature. J2 is a material with a minimum of 27 joules at -20C while JR is a material with a minimum of 27 Joules at +20C (room temperature). A JR material is normally used in an internal environment whereas a J2 is for external use.
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18 December 2015
There is no generally accepted definition for secondary steelwork. In the first interpretation the definitions given in clause 3.7 of BS EN 10225 may be used as a reference: Clause 3.7 Secondary elements elements of minor importance, failure of which would be unlikely to affect the overall integrity of the installation. More you can read more on BCSA memorandum No 158-12 .
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18 December 2015
Steel is arguably the most sustainable of the major structural materials. It has numerous sustainability benefits, which are guaranteed to be realised whenever steel is used. They include low waste, flexibility, offsite manufacture, speed, resource efficiency, adaptability, demonstrability, long-lasting appeal, safety, reusability and recyclability. These inherent characteristics result in many social, environmental and economic benefits to satisfy sustainability’s “triple bottom line”. More information about the sustainability of the steel you can be read in BCSA memorandum No 243/12 .
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18 December 2015
Unlike most other construction materials steel can be recycled indefinitely without loss of property or performance. This is referred to as multi-cycling. It means steel always has a value, which guarantees that virtually none is ever disposed of in a landfill. The multi-cycling of steel is a self-sustaining system that predates modern appreciation of environmental issues and would continue in the unlikely event that they should ever lessen in importance.
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30 September 2015
“The Kelpies, which tower over a new section of the historic Forth & Clyde Canal, are the centrepieces of the £43M Helix project.” “The Kelpies have received a royal seal of approval as Her Royal Highness Princess Anne has officially opened what are said to be the world’s largest pair of equine sculptures.” “The complex steelwork for The Kelpies was fabricated, supplied and erected by S H Structures .” Out visit at The Helix Park and the Kelpies 05/2016 Thank you to Gary Jackson for wonderful pictures.
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