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25 August 2014
BS EN 15048 Non-preloaded structural bolting assemblies (SB) Structural bolting assemblies (SB) We are a manufacturer of UKCA & CE Marked non-preloaded hexagon bolt assemblies from M12 to M36, grade 8.8 and 10.9. Andrews Fasteners Limited and AndFast Malaysia can manufacture and assembly test to EN 15048-2 requirements, in various grades and coatings. Stainless Steel Fasteners (A2-A4) We can offer a limited number of UKCA & CE marker Stainless Steel non-preloaded assemblies.
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21 August 2014
UKCA & CE Marked Fasteners CE Mark CE Marking is a mark affixed by the manufacturer who declares that its product meets the essential requirements for relevant European Regulations. For fasteners, it is Construction Products Regulation (CPR), that become mandatory law in all EU member states including the UK and RoI from the 1st of July 2013. This document is the base for CE marking of fasteners. This European regulation replaced the Construction Products Directive (CPD) and affects all construction products covered by a harmonised standard or ETA (European Technical Assessment) .
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