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12 January 2022
We understand the difficulties by the end-users and purchasing departments in choosing the right components for different installation methods of High-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading (HR) . Different installation methods and product grades may require additional components like DTI washers , hardened washers, bolt face or nut face washers. Sometimes, the number and type of component change, depending on which part is rotated (the nut or the bolt head).
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08 April 2016
Thread d Nominal stress area of standard test mandarel (mm^2) Property Class 8 (N) Property Class 10 (N) M12 84.3 84300 97800 M16 157 157000 182100 M20 245 245000 284200 M22 303 303000 351200 M24 353 353000 409500 M27 459 459000 532400 M30 561 561000 650800 M36 817 817000 947700 The Proof Load values are based on stress of 1000 MPa for property class 8; and 1160 MPa for property class 10.
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19 August 2014
Andrews Fasteners Limited The Fasteners Specialist Andrews Fasteners supply quality assured CE & UKCA approved and other fasteners to various industries at competitive prices. Andrews Fasteners reputation for quality assured products and service is the foundation on which the company stands. Our quality systems are independently assessed, certified and approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 NHSS3 (National Highway Sector Scheme 3) CPR (Construction Product Regulation) for:
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