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04 February 2022
Apart from dimensional differences ( bigger heads of bolts and bigger nuts on preloaded assemblies), the main difference is in the way how these goods are installed. Non-preloaded bolting assemblies are generally tightened to at least snug-tight. The connected components are drawn together to achieve firm contact without any specific preload. The “snug-tight” is generally referenced as tightening the assembly by one man using a normal-sized spanner without an extension arm until the wrench starts hammering.
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28 October 2015
Our production factory, AndFast Malaysia between 19-22 October 2015 went through Certification Renewal by the accredited body Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance ( LRQA ). New Approval On that occasion, AndFast Malaysia went through a Change of Approval to include preloaded HR Countersunk CE Assemblies as per EN 14399-7 and Washers as per EN 14399-9. LRQA successfully verified all the requirements and issued a final report for further approval for our factory.
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04 March 2015
Size Nominalstress area (mm^2) Class 8.8 [N] Class 10.9 [N] M12 84.3 70000 87700 (M14) 115 95500 120000 M16 157 130000 163000 (M18) 192 159000 200000 M20 245 203000 255000 M22 303 252000 315000 M24 353 293000 367000 M27 459 381000 477000 M30 561 466000 583000 M33 694 576000 722000 M36 817 678000 850000 Suitability test requirements for BS EN 15048 Non-preloaded structural bolting assemblies (CE & UKCA Marked) Property Classes 8.
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21 August 2014
Andrews Fasteners can quote for full containers to be delivered to your company direct around the world. The goods will be manufactured following the Andrews Fasteners Quality Systems established in the factory and come with full 3.1 test certification . Andrews Fasteners can supply both UKCA & CE Approved ( BS EN 15048 Non-preloaded structural bolting assemblies and BS EN 14399 High-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading ) and standard products including specials made to customer drawings .
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