Content with labels

18 December 2015
According to the CEN consultant, CE (UKCA) mark cannot be copied when the product is split into smaller batches by a distributor who is not certified under FPC. They must retain evidence of the CE (UKCA) mark of the original batch together with the Declaration of Performance (DOP) ; they are permitted to copy the DOP and must provide a copy with each sub-batch they supply.
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21 August 2014
Andrews Fasteners innovating market of Stockists and Distributors of Industrial Fasteners We have have revolutionised how bolts are packed, presented and delivered to Construction Companies UK and Worldwide. Now our innovations are changing other industries. Recyclable Bags and Labels Both, our bags, and labels are fully recyclable. Colour coded bags for fastener diameter identification Colour denotes bolt diameters Easily identifiable on site Health & Safety benefits (Design Best Practice) Saves time on site!
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