Content with k-class K1

11 July 2017
High-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading with specified k-Class shall be tightened using below methods (See BS EN 1090-2:2008+A1:2011, Table 20 for more details). Method k-Class Torque method K2 Combined method (torque / part-turn) K2 or K1 Direct Tension Indicators (DTI) K2, K1 or K0 k-Class K2 using Torque Method Torque method uses a torque wrench in two steps of assembling.
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29 March 2017
Andrews Fasteners is one of only few companies available on the local market, that is capable of manufacturing in the UK k-class K1 and K2 high strength structural preloaded bolt assemblies (System HR, EN 14399-1) for tightening with predefined torque values according to the k-factor. We are able to supply CE Marked preload bolt assemblies, for hexagon head and countersunk head bolts in k-class K2 for diameters M16 and M20 with the shortest lead time.
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