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01 February 2015
JCP Construction Products Product range of JCP Products offered by Andrews Fasteners Limited Throughbolts Zinc plated Hot Dipped Galvanized Stainless Steel (CE Approved ETA - Option 7) Zinc Plated (CE Approved ETA - Option 1) Zinc Plated Approved Throughbolt AWA (CE Approved ETA - Option 7) For Data Sheets, Certificates and Approvals please see JCP Website > Throughbolts . Heavy duty anchors Hexagon bolt and nut Stainless Steel Ankerbolts Spin In Capsules/Threaded Studs Resin Anchors Hammer In Capsules Injection Resin Vinylester Polyester Epoxy Acrylate Internal Threaded Sockets For Data Sheets, Certificates and Approvals please see JCP Website > Heavy Duty Anchors .
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25 August 2014
We offer fixings from Lindapter We are the official distributor of Lindapter products. Lindapter is the leading solutions provider of weld free steelwork connections. Benefits No welding No site drilling Guaranteed loads & factor of safety No Damage to protective coatings Safe in hazardous environments Adjustable on site Lindapter’s team of internal engineers are able to offer a comprehensive technical support package to back up Lindapter’s products. Look at the full range products here JCP Construction Products JCP are the specialist fixing division of the Owlett-Jaton Group, dedicated to providing customers with a quality range of anchoring products for the construction industry.
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