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19 December 2017
Andrews Fasteners Limited, as a member of ITC , has been awarded an Appreciation Certificate “for gracious service, support and contributions to the International Trade Council Community”. Being a member of the International Trade Council not only helps our businesses grow but also helps to fund budding entrepreneurs and micro-businesses owners from less-fortunate countries to receive education, attend trade fairs and showcase of our products. “Your dedication, caring, commitment and support along with your willingness to share knowledge has contributed to the overall well-being of small business owners and developing entrepreneurs worldwide.
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06 March 2017
We are happy to announce, that Andrews Fasteners Limited has joined the International Trade Council , the well known international business community specializing in providing leadership on key issues that impact economic growth. The Council facilitates networking, arranges business introductions, and provides training opportunities aimed at driving sustainable business growth and prosperity. The Council seeks to monitor trade barriers and trade-related issues and provides timely and relevant advice to industry.
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09 December 2014
Lloyd’s Register Lloyd’s Register (LR) is a leading provider of professional services through the delivery of certification, verification, audit, and training courses. Through business assurance, LR targets individual business priorities so they can be more responsive to individual needs. Lantra Awards Lantra Awards is a nationally recognized, accredited training and qualifications company. The company maintains NHSS Schedule of Suppliers database.
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