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22 September 2016
Hollo-Bolt Hexagonal by Lindapter Size 1 Product Code B [mm] Clamping thickness W [mm] L [mm] S [mm] H [mm] D [mm] A/F [mm] HB08-1 M8 x 50 3-22 30 13.75 5 22 19 HB10-1 M10 x 55 3-22 30 17.75 6 29 24 HB12-1 M12 x 60 3-25 35 19.75 7 32 30 HB16-1 M16 x 75 12-29 41.5 25.75 8 38 36 HB20-1 M20 x 90 12-34 50 32.
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14 January 2016
Lindapter has launched an updated 76-page product guide for engineers and other professionals involved in the design of structural and secondary steel connections. “The design guide features popular products such as the Girder Clamp for quickly connecting I beams, without drilling or welding and the Hollo-Bolt, the original expansion bolt for Structural Hollow Sections (SHS),” explains Lindapter Marketing Manager Wayne Golden. A redesign of the publication is said to make it faster for engineers to find the relevant page and select the solution to their connection requirement.
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07 February 2015
Cavity Fixings Type Countersunk Hollo-Bolt Stainless Steel Hollo-Bolt Type Other Hollo-Bolt HB options Type LB2 Lindibolt 2 Type HB Hollo-Bolt Type Flush Fit Hollo-Bolt For full range of Lindapter product, data sheets and installation instruction please visit Lindapter > Products Lindapter’s popular Hollo-Bolt product has received full seismic approval from the US-based ICC-ES Evaluation report. The ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR 3330 provides evidence that Lindapter’s expansion bolt for structural steel meets I-code requirements and resists wind loads and seismic loads in design categories A through to F.
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