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12 March 2021

Please read below about freight and steel cost that affects all distributor of fasteners.

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31 July 2018
Calculation of thread lengths Typical, unless specified in a product standard, dimensions for thread lengths (b) is calculated as follow: for l <= 125 mm: b = 2d + 6mm for 125 mm < l <= 200 mm: b = 2d + 12mm for l > 200mm: b = 2d + 25mm Where l is length of the bolt and b is the threaded part of the bolt. For bolt, where lengths l <= 0.
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07 October 2015
BIAFD Certificate BIAFD ( British & Irish Association of Fasteners Distributors ) issued for Andrews Fasteners Limited, as an Executive member an official Certificate of Membership. The BIAFD represents the interests of, and provides services and support to, leading UK distributors and wholesalers of fasteners, fixings and related products. More details can be found in our Certificates and Approvals section.
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18 March 2015
ISO 898-2:2022 Fasteners - Mechanical properties of fasteners made of carbon steel and alloy steel – Part 2: Nuts with specified property classes Chemical composition as per ISO 898-2:2022 for typical grades Class Material and Treatment C Mn min. P max. S max. 8 (M16 and below) carbon steel NOT quenched and tempered (NQT) 0.06-0.58 0.25 0.060 0.150 8 carbon steel quenched and tempered (QT) 0.15-0.58 0.45 0.048 0.058 10 carbon steel quenched and tempered (QT) 0.
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24 January 2015
BS EN 14399 High-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading What is the difference between Clamp length and Grip length in EN 14399 assemblies? What is the difference between preloaded and non-preloaded bolting assemblies? Do I need Bolt Face Washer or Nut Face Washer (EN 14399-9) with DTI's? Can high-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading (HSFG) be used on painted or galvanised surfaces? What is the minimum thread length on high-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading?
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25 August 2014
Construction fasteners products manufactured, supplied and distributed by Andrews Fasteners. As a fasteners specialist Andrews Fasteners can offer various fasteners and fixings starting from most popular up to more complicated and custom made requirements as per drawings. Our products range: BS EN 15048 Non-preloaded structural bolting assemblies (CE & UKCA Marked) Structural bolting (SB) assemblies, hexagon set screws (fully threaded), bolts (part-threaded), hexagon nuts, plain washers available in Self-Colour, Zinc Plated, Galvanised, Sherardized and other finishes.
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21 August 2014
Railway Track Fasteners Railway fasteners are a product group that Andrews Fasteners have specialized in for many years. To ensure that all fasteners are produced to our high standards, only Approved and ISO Certified manufacturers are used. All goods are produced to strict Andrews Fasteners Quality Control and Inspection Plans, with specially designed inspection equipment. Andrews Fasteners Inspectors are located permanently at the manufacturing factories to ensure the quality. Products can be supplied direct world wide from our partnering factory (after a full Quality Inspection has been conducted by an Andrews Fasteners Inspector) or supplied through Andrews Fasteners Limited located in United Kingdom.
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19 August 2014
Please complete Andrews Fasteners online enquiry form below. If you have any comments about Andrews Fasteners Limited or our website please complete our contact form . Please note that by completing and sending the form below you agree to Andrews Fasteners Limited to use and share your details throughout its companies for marketing and other business related purposes. Your details will not be passed on to any third parties without your prior written consent.
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19 August 2014
Andrews Fasteners Limited The Fasteners Specialist Andrews Fasteners supply quality assured CE & UKCA approved fasteners to various industries at competitive prices. Andrews Fasteners reputation for quality assured fasteners is the foundation on which the company stands. Our quality systems are independently assessed, certified and approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 NHSS3 (National Highway Sector Scheme 3) CPR (Construction Product Regulation) for: BS EN 15048 Non-preloaded structural bolting assemblies (SB) – CE & UKCA marked BS EN 14399 High-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading (HR) – CE & UKCA marked Innovative company Andrews Fasteners innovations have revolutionised how bolts are packaged, presented and delivered to Construction Companies UK and Worldwide.
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