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Do I need Bolt Face Washer or Nut Face Washer (EN 14399-9) with DTI’s?

When ordering Preloaded Assemblies (EN 14399-1) to be installed with Direct Tension Indicator Washers (DTI’s), there are 4 different methods of how they can be […]

EN 14399-9: Compression loads for DTI washers

For use with bolts with bolts Compression load Designation H8 Designation H10 min. max. min. max. M12 47 56 59 71 M16 88 106 110 […]

EN 14399-9: Dimensions of Direct Tension Indicators washers

Dimensions of compressible washer-type direct tension indicator According to EN 14399-9:2018, Table 2 Size Internaldiameter diameter External diameter Thickness Height over protrusion   Height of […]

EN 14399 Mechanical properties for Washers

Mechanical Properties EN 14399 Part 5: Plain Washer Mechanical Properties Requirement VICKERS HARDNESS 300 HV to 370 HV BS EN 14399-5: High-strength structural bolting assemblies […]

Direct Tension Indicators Washers (EN 14399 Part 9)

Direct Tension Indicators Washers to BS EN 14399-9 Andrews Fasteners company in manufacturing Direct Tension Indicators Washers (DTI Washers) in well know in construction industry company […]

BS EN 14399 Preload bolt assemblies (UKCA & CE Marked)

BS EN 14399-3 Preload bolt assemblies (HR) High-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading Previously known as High Strength Friction Grip (HSFG) We are a manufacturer of UKCA […]

Technical Support

Please find below documents as a part of our Technical Support section. If case of any further questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section or contact […]

Andrews Fasteners applied for CE change of approval (DTI’s)

Andrews Fasteners applied for change of approval to their current CE approval certificate covering EN 14399-1 preload bolting assemblies, to include DTIs (Direct Tension Indicators) […]

BCSA memorandum about CE marking of TCB and DTI’s

BCSA has released memorandum about CE marking of TCB (tension control bolts) and DTIs washers (direct tension indicators). Read more: BCSA Memorandum 53-10 TCB and […]

Nut/Bolt Face Washers Not Required with DTI

Nut And Bolt Face Washers Are Not Required With TurnaSure Direct Tension Indicators. Read more: Nut And Bolt Face Washers Are Not Required With Turnasure DTIs

Squirt Type DTI performance report

Due to several customers requesting information on ‘SQUIRT TYPE’ Andrews Fasteners sent some samples for testing. The attached report shows how the Squirt Type performed […]