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18 December 2015
Only products covered by harmonised standards (or equivalent for the United Kingdom) can be CE (UKCA) marked. In EN 15408:2007 version, only products under EN/ISO standard can be subject to CE (UKCA) Marking . DIN standard is a German national standard and unless it is an international/European standard (EN/ISO) and approved by the European Union (or separately by the United Kingdom under UKCA marking) as a part of harmonised standards, it cannot be used for CE (UKCA) marking purposes.
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11 January 2015
Extracts from standards and technical documentation: BS 4320 / DIN 125-1 Basic dimensions Form A washers for selected sizes BS 4320 Basic dimensions Form G washers for selected sizes BS 4464 Square Spring Washers - Basic dimensions BS 7419 Holding down bolts - Basic dimensions BS EN 14399 Mechanical properties for Washers BS EN 14399-3 Basic bolt dimensions (HR Bolts) BS EN 14399-3 Basic nuts dimensions (HR Nuts) BS EN 14399-3 System HR - Proof Load values for Nuts BS EN 14399-5 Plain washers - Basic dimensions BS EN 14399-6 Plain chamfer washers - Basic dimensions BS EN 14399-7 Basic countersunk bolt dimensions (HR CSK Bolts) BS EN 14399-9 Basic dimensions for Nut Face Washers & Bolt Face Washers BS EN 14399-9 Compression loads for DTI washers BS EN 14399-9 Dimensions of Direct Tension Indicators washers DIN 267 Mechanical properties for Nuts DIN 439/936 Lock Nut (Hexagon Thin Nut) - basic dimensions DIN 6334 Hexagon Stud Connector, Coupling Nut - General specification (coarse thread) DIN 7991 Hexagon socket countersunk head cap screws - basic dimensions DIN 933 Hexagon Setscrew (Screw) - Basic dimensions DIN 934 Hexagon nuts - Basic dimensions DIN 976-1 Basic Dimensions for fully threaded studding, threaded bar, stud bolt DIN 985 Nylon Insert Lock Nut - Basic dimensions ISO 4017 Hexagon head screws - Basic dimensions ISO 4032 Hexagon regular nuts - Basic dimensions ISO 7091 Plain washers - Basic dimensions ISO 888 Thread lengths for ISO metric fasteners (bolts) ISO 898-1 Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel - Bolts, screws and studs ISO 898-2 Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel - Nuts Lindapter FloorFast - basic dimensions Lindapter Hollo-Bolts - basic dimensions Lindapter Lindibolt 2 - basic dimensions Mechanical properties for Austenitic Stainless Steel Nord-lock washers - Dimensions for popular sizes of steel washers Suitability test requirements (BS EN 15048) - CE & UKCA Marking Technical specification for T-head bolts (ANSI/AWWA C111/A21.
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