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04 January 2017
Washer size Bolt Size NL8 M8 NL10 M10 NL12 M12 NL16 M16 NL20 M20 NL22 M22 NL24 M24 NL27 M27 NL30 M30 NL36 M26 Internal diameter (id) 8.7 (+/-) 0.1 10.7 (+/-) 0.5 13.0 (+/-) 0.5 17.0 (+/-) 0.5 21.4 (+/-) 0.5 23.4 (+/-) 0.5 25.3 (+/-) 0.5 28.4 (+/-) 0.5 31.4 (+/-) 0.5 37.4 (+/-) 0.5 Outside diameter (od) 13.5
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25 August 2015
Self Colour / Black Finish Finish Specification S/C Self Colour Bare / Blackened (Black Oxide) Lightly Oiled products are supplied in a black finish with a light covering of oil Hot Dip Galvanised (HDG) Finish Specification HDG Hot Dip Galvanised EN ISO 10684 EN 1461 BS 7371-6 heavy coating deposits of molten zinc (40-180 microns) suitable for long term corrosion protection; a thicker coating deposit gives a longer life expectancy; it is most suitable for structural steelwork; the coating will affect the thread fit and assembly of fasteners due to the non-uniformity of the coating and the average coating thickness of 50-80 microns; in general the fullnuts are tapped oversize after the plating to allow for this but in some cases the bolt threads are undersize prior to coating; high temperature may affect the metallurgical properties of high tensile metals, i.
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