Content with Declaration of Performance

28 December 2020
For goods CE & UKCA marked from 1st January 2021 BS EN 15048 (CE 2814) Last update 01/01/2021 EN 15048 UIC/DOP No.: Zinc BZP Zinc BZP Galv. HDG Sherar. SHER Grade (Bolt/Nut) 8.8/8 8.8/10 8.8/10 8.8/10 M12 M12SB8.8/8BZP M12SB8.8/10BZP M12SB8.8/10HDG M12SB8.8/10SHER M16 M16SB8.8/8BZP M16SB8.8/10BZP M16SB8.8/10HDG M16SB8.8/10SHER M20 M20SB8.8/8BZP M20SB8.8/10BZP M20SB8.8/10HDG M20SB8.8/10SHER M22 M22SB8.8/8BZP M22SB8.8/10BZP M22SB8.8/10HDG M22SB8.8/10SHER M24 M24SB8.8/8BZP M24SB8.8/10BZP M24SB8.8/10HDG M24SB8.8/10SHER M27 M27SB8.8/8BZP M27SB8.8/10BZP M27SB8.8/10HDG M27SB8.8/10SHER M30 M30SB8.8/8BZP M30SB8.8/10BZP M30SB8.8/10HDG M30SB8.
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18 December 2015
DOP in full name means Declaration of Performance. It is a document that the manufacturer of the product should supply with every CE (UKCA) approved product in line with the requirements of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) or equivalent in the United Kingdom. The DOP contains information about the manufacturer, the construction product/s to be CE (UKCA) Marked ; the products intended use/s and the declared essential performance characteristics of the product.
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