Content with countersunk bolts

25 August 2014
Bolts, screws and other components what we can offer: Product description Specification Hexagon Socket Countersunk Head Screw, Socket Head Screws, Socket Screw DIN 7991 BS 4168-8 ISO 10642 Hexagon head bolts, Hexagon head screws DIN 7990 ISO 4017 ISO 4014 DIN 931 DIN 933 DIN 601 BS 3692 BS 4190 DIN 558 Hexagon Socket Cap Screw, low head socket cap screw ISO 4762 DIN 912 DIN 7984 BS 4168-1 DIN 960
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25 August 2014
BS EN 14399-3 Hexagon bolting assemblies for preloading (HR) Previously known as High Strength Friction Grip (HSFG) We are a manufacturer of UKCA & CE Marked pre-loaded fasteners to BS EN 14399. In our facility in Leeds, we can UKCA & CE Approve – assembly test to BS EN 14399-2 HR Assemblies from M12 to M36 up to grade 10.9. We are regularly independently assessed by Lloyd’s Register / LRQA, to make sure, that our company is fully compliant with BS EN 14399 requirements.
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