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25 August 2015
We can offer: Product description Specification U Bolts to drawing Shearstud , Weld studs ISO 13918 DIN 17100, to drawing Wing Bolts, Eye Bolts (Dynamo Eye Bolt), Ring Bolt, Eyelet bolt DIN 580 to drawing Spring dowel to drawings Pin Assemblies to drawing Wire rope grips, bulldog grips BS 462 to drawing Grub Screw DIN 916 Coach Screw, Wood screw DIN 571 DIN 7997 to drawing Throughbolt see our Fixings section Half-round bolts, round bolts, coach bolts, scroll bolts, couplers, countersunk spider bolts, Expamet bolts, Barrel bolts to drawing Hook bolts, Turnbuckle, Beam clamps to drawing Resin Injected Bolts, Rawlok Bolt see our Fixings section Jordahl Tee Bolt see Jordahl website Cotter Split Pin DIN 94
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25 August 2014
Bolts, screws and other components what we can offer: Product description Specification Hexagon Socket Countersunk Head Screw, Socket Head Screws, Socket Screw DIN 7991 BS 4168-8 ISO 10642 Hexagon head bolts, Hexagon head screws DIN 7990 ISO 4017 ISO 4014 DIN 931 DIN 933 DIN 601 BS 3692 BS 4190 DIN 558 Hexagon Socket Cap Screw, low head socket cap screw ISO 4762 DIN 912 DIN 7984 BS 4168-1 DIN 960
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