Content with CE labels

18 December 2015
According to the CEN consultant, CE (UKCA) mark cannot be copied when the product is split into smaller batches by a distributor who is not certified under FPC. They must retain evidence of the CE (UKCA) mark of the original batch together with the Declaration of Performance (DOP) ; they are permitted to copy the DOP and must provide a copy with each sub-batch they supply.
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18 December 2015
According to Construction Products Regulation (CPR) for CE Marking , and equivalent for UKCA Marking , labels with CE (UKCA) logo can be supplied on bags/boxes or with Quality Documents (like Test Certificates or Declaration of Performance ). According to the British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA) recommendation on their published and widely used by many customers Model Specification for the Purchase of Structural Bolting Assemblies and Holding Down Bolts CE/UKCA Label shall be supplied on bags/boxes, however, this is not a law requirement.
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