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15 June 2018
Internal thread diameter* d Pitch of thread P External diameter, shank diameter D Nominal length m (ref.) Minimum tensile strength** kN M16 2 M24 100 130 M20 2.5 M30 100 203 M22 2.5 M33 100 252 M24 3 M36 100 293 M27 3 M39 100 381 M30 3.5 M42 100, 120 466 M33 3.
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25 August 2014
Typical products offered from this group Product description Specification Availability Square Square Bolts (SQ SQ), Holding Down Bolts , Foundation Bolts, SQ SQ Bolt Assemblies (complete with Nut, Plate and Wax Cone) BS 7419 Buy Online Square Plate Washer (Square plate with square hole to fit SQ SQ Bolt under the head) to suit BS 7419 bolt Buy Online Wax Cardboard Cones to suit BS 7419 bolt Buy Online Bolt extenders , Universal Bolt Connectors (UBC), Universal Nut Connectors (UNC), Wedges to suit BS 7419 bolt Ask for price Finishes available Finish Specification S/C
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