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Shoulder Bolts (Grade 8.8) S/C, HDG, BZP

Shoulder bolts are fasteners with an unthreaded shoulder that is larger in diameter than the threaded part.

Available in various sizes, diameters and finishes.

Prices starting from £2.00 per bolt.


M16x38/M12x30 Shoulder bolt
(M16 diameter bolt with 38mm shank and reduced diameter to M12 with thread on 30mm long part)

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We are a manufacturer of hexagon head shoulder bolts in variety of sizes and combinations basing on customer requirements or drawings.

Product Grade: 8.8 Carbon Steel

Based on: ISO 4014, ISO 4017, DIN 931

Available in: Self Colour, Hot Dip Galvanised (HDG), Zinc Plated (BZP)

Typical diameters range:


Depend on customer requirements, size and finish, extended lead time apply.

Product inspected and tested in-house supplier with Certificate of Conformity.
Test certificate/mill certificate for starting material when required (additional charge may apply).

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