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Andrews Fasteners Thread Length (HR CSK) Calculator

Andrews Fasteners Thread Length (HR CSK) Calculator

HR Countersunk Bolt to EN 14399-7:2007

Maximum bolt length = 300 mm

The values produced on this calculator are for information purpose only. They are calculated using formulas stated in relevant standard and are provided in good faith and for your guidance only. Andrews Fasteners Limited / AndFast Malaysia can not accept any liability for actions taken by third parties based on this information.

Diameter M Length X

b (ref.) thread =

Minimum thread = Maximum thread =

ls min = lg max =
Version: 1.04.261118.14399.7.2007

Bolt lengths shorter than listed below, need to be considered as bolts with shortened thread length:
M12x55, M14x65, M16x70, M18x80, M20x85, M22x90, M24x100, M27x120, M30x130, M36x150

Minimum value refers to full thread.
Maximum value refers to maximum thread including run out (incomplete thread).

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