BS EN 14399 (HR) Configurator

We understand the difficulties by the end-users and purchasing departments in choosing the right components for different installation methods of High-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading (HR).

Different installation methods and product grades may require additional components like DTI washers, hardened washers, bolt face or nut face washers. Sometimes, the number and type of component change, depending on which part is rotated (the nut or the bolt head).

We have prepared the HR configurator below to simplify this task.

By selecting Product type, bolt grade, specifying installation method and by deciding which element will be rotated it can advise what main elements and additional components are required to be purchased.

HR Configurator

The default configuration for Hexagon head HR (BS EN 14399-3) is with DTI washer when DTI washer is placed under the nut and the nut is rotated.

For Part-Turn/Highway method, the washer is placed under the nut and the nut is always rotated.

For the torque method washer is always placed under the rotating element.

For Countersunk head HR (BS EN 14399-7), an additional component/s can only be placed under the nut.
The nut can only be rotated during installation.

Components needed:
Version: JS/1.00.110122.1543.14399.2015

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