Bolt Extenders – General specification (coarse thread)

Bolt Extenders – General specification (coarse thread)

Internal thread diameter*
Pitch of thread
External diameter, shank diameter
Nominal length
m (ref.)
Minimum tensile strength**
M303.5M42100, 120466
M333.5M45100, 120576
M364M48100, 120 or 150678
Dimensions in millimetres

*) Internal thread class 6H (to suite bolts with thread class 6g) for use with bolts, studs or square square holding down bolts bolts (BS 7419). For hot-dip galvanised finish, the internal thread is tapped oversize 6AZ (to suite standard galvanised bolts with thread class 6g). Coarse thread.

**) Minimum tensile strength based on a minimum of six full threads screwed into an internal thread on both sides of the bolt extender

Head dimensions depends from which blank standard the extender is manufactured.
It can be either ISO 4017 or DIN 933 .

Bolt extenders are manufacturer from Grade 8.8 Carbon Steel bolt blanks as standard.
Other grades, type of steel and the lengths may be considered.

We can made bolt extenders to your needs. Above is a general specification for a typical extenders. If you need an extender to make to the specific requirements contact our sales team and together with our engineers we can make it happen.

Bolt extender from blank

bolt extenders

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