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SQ SQ bolts, Plates, Wax cones, Bolt extenders, Wedges

Typical products offered from this  group

Product descriptionSpecification AvailabilityEnquire
Square Square Bolts (SQ SQ), Holding Down Bolts, Foundation Bolts, SQ SQ Bolt Assemblies (complete with Nut, Plate and Wax Cone)BS 7419
Square Plate Washer (Square plate with square hole to fit SQ SQ Bolt under the head)to suit BS 7419 bolt
Wax Cardboard Conesto suit BS 7419 bolt
Bolt extenders, Universal Bolt Connectors (UBC), Universal Nut Connectors (UNC), Wedgesto suit BS 7419 bolt

Finishes available

Finish Specification
Self Colour
Bare / Blackened (Black Oxide)
Lightly Oiled
Hot Dip Galvanised
EN ISO 10684
EN 1461
BS 7371 Part 6
Vapour galvanising
EN ISO 17668
EN 13811
BS 7371 Part 8
BS 4921
Bright Zinc Plated
EN ISO 4042
BS 7371 Part 3
MZP – Mechanical Applied Coating
BS 7371 Part 7
Stainless SteelISO 3506 Part 1 and Part 2

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