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BS EN 15048 Non-Preload Bolt Assemblies (UKCA & CE Marked)

BS EN 15048 Non-preload bolt assemblies (UKCA & CE Marked)

Structural bolting assemblies (SB)

We are a manufacturer of UKCA & CE Marked non-preloaded hexagon bolt assemblies from M12 to M36, grade 8.8 and 10.9. Andrews Fasteners Limited and AndFast Malaysia can manufacture and assembly test to EN 15048-2 requirements, in various grades and coatings.

Stainless Steel Fasteners (A2-A4)

We can offer a limited number of UKCA & CE marker Stainless Steel non-preloaded assemblies. For availability, please contact our sales team.

DescriptionSpecificationSize rangeAvailabilityEnquire
Hexagon Set Screw (fully threaded bolt)EN ISO 4017
EN ISO 4018
M12 – M36
Hexagon Bolt (part threaded)EN ISO 4014
EN ISO 4016
M12 – M36
Hexagon Nut (Regular Nuts, fullnut)EN ISO 4032
EN ISO 4033
M12 – M36
Washers (Plain, Flat)
min. 100 HV or 300 HV
EN ISO 7091
EN ISO 7090
EN ISO 7089
M12 – M36
UKCA black fill ce-logo-transparent-min
SB Assembly (Set)
Hexagon Set Screw, Nut, Washer
BS EN 15048-1
Non-preloaded structural bolting assembly
M12 – M36
UKCA black fill ce-logo-transparent-min
SB Assembly (Bolt)
Hexagon Bolt, Nut, Washer
BS EN 15048-1
Non-preloaded structural bolting assembly
M12 – M36

Size range available

() - These sizes are rarely available and are made on special request (min. 1 pallet quantity may be required);
* - this size is typically available on special request with extended lead time.

Finishes available

Self Colour
Bare / Blackened (Black Oxide)
Lightly Oiled
Hot Dip Galvanised
EN ISO 10684
EN 1461
BS 7371 Part 6
Vapour galvanising
EN ISO 17668
EN 13811
BS 7371 Part 8
BS 4921
Bright Zinc Plated
EN ISO 4042
BS 7371 Part 3
Mechanical Applied Coating
BS 7371 Part 7
Stainless Steel
EN ISO 3506 Part 1 and Part 2
stainless fasteners
Stainless Steel Fasteners

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