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Andrews Fasteners innovating Stockist and Distributor of Industrial Fasteners

Andrews Fastener have revolutionised how bolts are packed, presented and delivered to Construction Companies UK and Worldwide. Now our innovations are changing other industries.

Recyclable Bags and Labels

Both our bags and labels are fully recyclable.

Colour coded bags for fastener diameter identification

Colour coded labels for fastener finish identification

  • Colour denotes bolt diameters
  • Easily identifiable on site
  • Health & Safety benefits (Design Best Practice)
  • Saves time on site!


 Weatherproof Non Tear Labels

  • Shows customer order number.
  • Customer on site phase numbers, if required.
  • Full description of the product.
  • Batch number for traceability.
  • Label is non-tearable and fully weatherproof.
  • Saves time on site!

Diameter & Length Stamped on Bolt Head

  • Ensures correct diameter used in connections.
  • Ensures correct length used in connections.
  • Saves time on site!

Fully Assembled Bolt, Nut & Washer

  • Prevents shortages (nuts & washers)
  • Minimizes handling.
  • Saves time on site!

Pallet Sheets

  • Details all relevant order information.
  • Site and delivery information clear and visible.
  • Saves time on site!

Certificate of Conformity and Test Certificates

  • Certificates of Conformity for all products
  • In-House test certificate to BS EN 10204 2.2
  • Full chemical & mechanical test certificates to BS EN 10204 3.1 and independently verified 3.2*
  • UK’s largest traceable stock of construction fasteners
  • Fully traceable products