Do bags/boxes have to have CE labels on them?

According to Construction Products Regulation (CPR) for CE Marking, CE Labels can be supplied on bags/boxes or with Quality Documents (Test Certificate or Declaration of Performance).

According to British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA) recommendation on their published and widely used by many customers Model Specification for the Purchase of Structural Bolting Assemblies and Holding Down Bolts CE Label shall be supplied on bags/boxes.

The decision as to where the CE mark is placed depends on whether the product is a single or extended delivery lot.

Assemblies k-Class K2 to BS EN 14399 must have CE Mark on the bag/carton box.

Assemblies to BS EN 15048 single delivery lots shall have the CE mark on the bag/carton, while extended delivery lots may have the CE mark on the documentation.