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Constructionline is a register for pre-qualified contractors and consultants used by the construction industry of the United Kingdom. The database contains details for over 46,000 suppliers and is accessed by more than 4,000 buyer organisations.


trade council

International Trade Council

International Trade Council is a well known international business community specializing in providing leadership on key issues that impact economic growth. The Council facilitates networking, arranges business introductions, and provides training opportunities aimed at driving sustainable business growth and prosperity.


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Lloyd’s Register

Lloyd’s Register (LR) is a leading provider of professional services through the delivery of certification, verification, audit, and training courses. Through business assurance, LR targets individual business priorities so they can be more responsive to individual needs.


Lantra Awards

Lantra Awards is a nationally recognized, accredited training and qualifications company.
The company maintains NHSS Schedule of Suppliers database.


BSI Group

Since its foundation in 1901 as the Engineering Standards Committee, BSI Group has grown into a leading global independent business services organization. The Group now operates globally through its three divisions: BSI British Standards, BSI Management Systems, and BSI Product Services.


British and Irish Association of Fastener Distributors

British Association of Fastener Distributors is the trade association for the distribution of Fasteners in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It assists distributors by the provision of information affecting the Industry and, when appropriate, making representations to the Government and other Bodies.



Galvanizers Association

Galvanizers Association provides authoritative information and advice on hot dip galvanizing. Help and advice are available through a telephone or email ServiceLine to users and specifiers of hot dip galvanized coatings. Technical information is also available through a comprehensive range of technical publications, seminars, and CPD presentations.


New Steel Construction magazine

New Steel Construction magazine is produced for the Steel Construction Industry with many useful articles.