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CPR (Construction Products Regulation) has become mandatory law in all EU member states including the UK and RoI from the 1st of July 2013. This document is the base for CE marking of fasteners.

This European regulation replaced the Construction Products Directive (CPD) and affects all construction products covered by a harmonized standard or ETA (European Technical Assessment). Non-preload bolting assemblies have to be supplied in accordance with EN 15048-1 and preload bolting assemblies in accordance with EN 14399-1 in order to adhere to the CE marking requirements. Assemblies need to be labelled in accordance with standard and regulatory requirements and supplied with the required documentation (DOP).

Andrews Fasteners is certified to supply CE approved products as per EN 15048 (Non-preload bolt assemblies) and EN 14399 (Preload bolt assemblies).

Customers have to ensure that construction products covered by a harmonised standard or a European Technical Assessment (ETA) are purchased to these standards or ETA’s and that they are properly CE marked.

Non-preload bolting assemblies have to comply with EN 15048. For dimensional requirements the relevant product standards should be used (ISO 4017, ISO 4014, ISO 4032, ISO 7091, ISO 7090, or ISO 7098, etc.). More information can be found on the relevant page.

Preload bolt assemblies must comply with EN 14399.

Preload bolt assemblies – System HR needs to comply to EN 14399 Part 3, HR Nuts to EN 14399-3 and Washers to Part 5 or Part 6, depending on usage. Additionally, when supplied with Direct Tension Indicators Washers (DTI) need to comply with Part 9 together with Nut Face Washers and Bolt Face washers. There are also, HR Countersunk bolts to Part 7.

More information about offered by Andrews Fasteners Preload bolt assemblies (HR) to EN 14399 can be found here.

All CE bolt assemblies need to be Assembly tested (EN 15048) or Suitability tested (EN 14399) and be supplied to end customer with CE label and Declaration of Performance (DOP).

The BCSA has produced a CE marking supplement, a very useful guide to CE marking.

This CE marking supplement contains information on CE marking of products and of fabricated structural steelwork and also on what is needed to comply with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

From October 2007 for preload (HSFG) and October 2009 for non-preload (4.6-10.9 Grade Fasteners) products must comply with the Construction Products Directive (later amended by Construction Products Regulation) with further amendments.

One method of achieving this is to CE Mark the fasteners.

In March-April 2015 Andrews Fasteners were audited by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) for SB assemblies – non-preload fasteners (EN 15048) and HR assemblies – preload fasteners – CE approved  (EN 14399) with our scope expanded for HR Countersunk (CSK) assemblies – preload countersunk – CE Marked (EN 14399 Part 7).

Andrews Fasteners leads the way with non-preloaded fasteners (SB) and are leading the way again with Preloaded (System HR) Fasteners – Hexagon Head and Countersunk.

For further details please contact Andrews Fasteners Quality Department.